Our privacy   policy

By registering for the service, you will be asked to provide certain personal and sensitive information as detailed in this document and our Terms of Membership.

We recommend that you read our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Membership carefully to ensure that you are entirely comfortable with the content. If you have any concerns or questions relating to this document, then please send us an email and we will respond promptly.

The Service

izatso is an electronic based market research service. It allows businesses to access aggregated and anonymous profile information to identify groups of izatso account holders and send those groups surveys without accessing information that could identify the izatso member personally. To be able to provide this service izatso requires you to provide the information as detailed below. Without this information we cannot provide the service to you. izatso members can opt out of the service and delete their information at any time.

Opt In

By registering as an izatso member you give your consent to certain elements of the service. This consent includes how we may access and use your information and the circumstances in which you have permitted disclosure to third parties. Remember participation in the service is entirely voluntary and your consent may be withdrawn at any time by terminating your use of the service and cancelling your izatso account.

Purpose of Collection

We have developed a website that allows you to capture and manage your personal information for the purpose of receiving market research surveys and invitations to answer online surveys, polls, participate in online communities, focus groups, interviews, and attend central location testings. We use various technologies and practices to preserve your anonymity while allowing businesses to access aggregated or grouped non-identifying profile information to match you with market research surveys. Your responses to the survey questions will be treated as confidential. We will ensure that the information will not be used for any purposes other than research. The information is aggregated so that no identified personal information is communicated.

What information do we collect?

We only collect information you provide through the site. We provide you with a mechanism to collect and store your information and a framework to help manage it. You can alter, update, delete your information, and opt-out of the service at any time.

For the purposes of the service your information includes:
  • personal information; and
  • profile information

Personal Information

Personal information is information from which your identity can be ascertained and is provided by you when completing the izatso registration screen and also includes izatso account information (e.g. username and password). We recognise that your personal information is personal and we have strict policies on how this information is used and disclosed. The information you provide in the izatso registration screen is necessary to process your application for your individual izatso account, without this information we cannot provide you with the service.

Profile Information

Profile information is non-identifiable information which you choose to provide which is not designated confidential. We do not disclose this information on an individual basis, only as aggregated or grouped anonymous data.


A 'cookie' is a small text file placed on your computer by web page servers. They are frequently used on websites and are often stored on your computer to enable these websites to effectively track your online movement to build a profile of you as an internet user.

We believe that cookies are intrusive and unnecessary. We use only one ‘transient cookie’ for the purposes of session management (i.e. to distinguish your individual request from that of other account holders). This type of cookie is not stored on your computer’s hard disk and is deleted from your machine when you close your browser. The information contained in the cookie is not personally identifying, nor is it made available to any third parties.

We automatically capture information about your browser type in order to deliver an interview best suited to your software. We do no other invisible processing of data from your computer.

Website Logs

We create web logs which we use to analyse and evaluate the performance and operation of the website. Our website logs are not personally identifiable and we make no attempt to link them with the individuals that actually browse the site.

Access to Your Information

You can access your personal information at any time through a standard web browser using your izatso account details. You are responsible for updating your information and correcting any inaccurate information.

You are at liberty to delete your personal information and discontinue the service at any time. In the event you choose to do so, we will delete your personal information from our records within 30 days (except as required by law).

We may maintain records in relation to transactions in your izatso membership for auditing purposes. 

Our Privacy Promise

We will not sell, trade, give or rent any personal information to a third party unless you specifically consent to such disclosure (or unless we are required to do so by law). We will not send you unsolicited mail or pass on your e-mail address to others for this purpose.


To enable the delivery of the service it is necessary that we disclose certain specific information which includes personal information to third parties as detailed below. Where such disclosure is required, we will ensure that these companies have been selected on the basis that they understand and uphold our strict privacy and security principles and they are only permitted to use personal information for the purpose for which we are disclosing the information.

Hosting Services

As part of privacy and security policy and procedures, we recognise the need to employ the expertise and services of a third party hosting facility using the highest standard in security software and services. We have therefore contracted a third party network operation provider that offers state of the art hosting and security facilities. This arrangement has been made to ensure that the information you provide is stored in a secure environment and the possibility of access from an unauthorised third party is minimised. Our hosting provider is not permitted access to your personal information.

Your Funds and Information

izatso will hold all funds to which you may be entitled in respect of your participation in the service.

In the event that izatso should for any reason discontinue providing the service then izatso will delete your information. izatso will contact you to notify you that the service is to be withdrawn and may invite you to participate in further or other services as it considers appropriate.


We recognise that many people are concerned about security and scrutiny when communicating over the internet. Our website has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Only certain employees have access to the information you provide us. They have access only for data quality control and quality control purposes.


All of the data collected and stored by us is protected by secure ‘firewalls’ against unauthorised access. A ‘firewall’ acts as a secure ‘steel door’ protecting your information from the ‘outside’. It is designed to detect any unauthorised access to our server.

Age Restriction

The site to which this statement relates to is not intended for use by persons under the age of 14 years old. We ask that persons under the age of 14 do not submit any personal information to us.

Changes to the Policy

By registering as a member you agree that you understand and accept the privacy and security policy and are aware that we may change our policy from time to time. We will notify you in the event that we change our policies.

Complaints Handling

In the event that you should have any complaints to make about either our privacy policies or procedures, please email us in the first instance via the contact us section of izatso.com.